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   Ofluorine PVDF
T-1 PVDF for fluorocarbon coatings
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PVDF copolymer
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PVDF piezoelectric film
piezoelectric PVDF film

YD-1 PVDF Piezoelectric film characteristics:
1. Properties
It produce voltage in proportional to compressive or tensile mechanical stress or strain, which makes it a dynamic strain gauge.
2. Dielectric property and low impedance
PVDF piezoelectric film changes proportionally in dimension while an electric field at frequencies from 0-500 MHz. This property, as well as the film's low impedance, makes piezoelectric film perfectly suitable for high fidelity transducers operation throughout the high audio and ultrasonic.
3. Pyroelectric effect
PVDF piezoelectric film also reacts to changes in temperature with predictable, high voltage outputs.
4. Chemically insert and biocompatibility
It is ideally to make vital signs transducer attached to skin or be used in medical devices.
5. High stress constant
PVDF piezoelectric film's stress constant is about 10 times higher than other piezoelectric materials, such as ceramics and quartz.
6. Excellent processibility
It is thin with low weight and low mass, so it can be twisted into various forms.
7. Low temperature property
It canworks in the temperature as low as -40℃.

Technical data sheet:

Properties Unit Typical Values
Piezoelectric constant d33 PC/N 14-32

Relative permittivity ε/ε0

@1KHz 9-13
Sonic speed
m/s 2000
Electromechanical coupling coefficient
% 10-14
Volume resistivity



Pyroelectric cofficient


Detection sensitivity at 4Hz



Service temperature T


Thickness have 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500 μm.

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