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   Ofluorine PVDF
T-1 PVDF for fluorocarbon coatings
D-1 PVDF Lithium Ion Battery Binders
J-2 PVDF Extrusion Grade
Z-1 PVDF Injection Grade
PVDF copolymer
PVDF film
Z-1 PVDF Injection Grade
PVDF pellets
Low melt viscosity, more suitable for injection molding.
Z-1 PVDF as raw materials, the finished products has excellent mechanical strength and flexibility. It can not be eroded by acid, alkali, strong oxidant, halogens. Good durability to aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohol, aldehyde etc. In the work of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, dilute alkali liquor, dense alkali liquor(40%) and 100deg.C, which keep stable.
Others, Z-1 PVDF finished products has the properties of γ-Ray resistant, UV resistant, and stability in wide temperature range.
Application: Be used in manufacturing PVDF valves, PVDF teller rosette ring, PVDF pall ring etc, semi-conductor industry, such as ultrapure water field etc.mail to us
Z-1 PVDF granules technical data sheet


 Typical Values



White translucent pellets 



Standard specific gravity


ASTM D792,at 23/23℃

Melting point


ASTM D3418,10℃/min

Melt flow index


ASTM D1238,230℃/5kg

Water absorption



Tensile strength


ASTM D638,50mm/min at 23℃

Elongation at break


ASTM D638,50mm/min at 23℃

Tensile yield strength


ASTM D638,50mm/min at 23℃

Elongation at yield


ASTM D638,50mm/min at 23℃

 Hardness,Shore D


ASTM D2240

Flammability test V-0 UL 94
Safety instructionplastic teller rosette ring
Z-1 PVDF is stable under 310deg.C. When it is stored at 310-320deg.C for a long time, trace toxic hydrogen fluoride(HF) and fluorocarbon organic chemicals(FC) begin to release, when the temperatures more than 370deg.C, HF and FC release speed up. So, a temperature below 310deg.C is suggested for processing and using Z-1 PVDF.
Furthermore, although Z-1 pvdf have good flame retardancy, in case of fire, HF and FC will also be released too

25kg/paper drum or 25kg/kraft bag
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