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   Ofluorine PVDF
T-1 PVDF for coatings
T-2 PVDF for powder coatings
D-1 PVDF Lithium Ion Battery Binders
Ofluorine 904 PVDF for UF membranes
J-2 PVDF Extrusion Grade
Z-1 PVDF Injection Grade
M-1 PVDF Moulding Grade
PVDF copolymer
PVDF film for solar back sheet
T-1 PVDF powder Test Report
T-1 PVDF Test report by National Quality Supervision Testing Center for Paint, and our PVDF resin also accord with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.
T-1 PVDF powder test report 1
T-1 PVDF powder test report 2
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